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(865) 970-9665

The City of Rockford was originally incorporated to protect the area and its businesses from possible annexation by nearby municipalities. Since that time, it has evolved into a community where quality services, not growth, have become the special focus. With an industrial park, rural area, and several residential subdivisions, it has a full range of possibilities within a small area.

1980 567
1990 646
2000 818
2010 856



Carl Koella III, Mayor, 865-982-8425
Sandra Hitson, Commissioner
Jennifer Brown, Commissioner
Terry Willett, City Manager/Recorder, 865/970-9665

City Operations
Current Operating Budget $237,000
Police Department Blount County Sherriff’s Dept.
Fire Protection Blount County
Property Tax
City None
County $2.47/$100
Community Facilities
City Parks 1
Commercial Airport 4 miles
Cable TV Service Yes
Newspapers (local) 2
Hospitals 8 miles
Golf Courses 1
Telephone Service Bell South
Electrical Service City of Maryville & City of Alcoa
Water Service City of Alcoa
Sewer Service None
Zoning Yes