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City of Alcoa

Office: (865) 380-4700 

The City of Alcoa is located in northern Blount County. The quiet ambience of the residential areas is the result of a master plan, which located the schools and extensive linear park system through the heart of the city. Strong zoning and building codes have assured quality homes and complementary land use in the area. Emphasis on an excellent school system has historically ranked Alcoa as one of the top schools in the state. 


1960 6,395
1970 7,739
1980 6,870
1990 6,400
2000 7,734
2002 8,118
2010 8,449
2015 9,316 


Donald R. Mull, Mayor, 865-983-3676
Odis Abbott, Jr., Vice Mayor, 865-982-5416
Clayton Bledsoe, Board of Commissioners, 865-984-5817
Ken White, Board of Commissioners, 865-982-6864
Vaughn Belcher, Board of Commissioners, 865-982-7192
John Troyer, Finance & Administration, 865-380-4773
Mark Johnson, City Manager, 865-380-4795
Chris Hamby, City Planner, 865-380-4730

City Operations

Operating Budget (2015-16)  $142,129,805
Fire Protection  
Insurance Rating: Class 3
Number of Stations 3
Professional Firefighters 30
City Parks 11
Total Acres 200
Property Tax  
City $1.96/$100
County $2.47/$100
Police Department  
Sworn Officers 42
Civilian Employees 7

Community Facilities

Commercial Airport 1 mile
Cable TV Service Yes
Newspapers (local) 1 (The Daily Times)
Hospitals 2 miles
Libraries 1 (Blount Co. Library)
Telephone Service Does not provide
Electrical Service City of Alcoa Utilities
Water Service City of Alcoa Utilities
Sewer Service City of Alcoa Utilities
Zoning Yes


Alcoa has one elementary school, one middle school, and one high school.

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