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Office: (865) 273-3900 

Tom Taylor, Mayor, 865-984-8585

Andy White, Vice Mayor, 865-977-1700

Joe Swann, City Council, 865-977-4114

Tommy Hunt, City Council, 865-983-5270

Fred Metz, City Council, 865-977-1042

Greg McClain, City Manager, 865-273-3401

Roger Campbell, Assistant City Manager, 865-273-3401

Angie Luckie, Development Services Director, 865-273-3401 


1960 10,348
1970 13,808
1980 17,480
1990 19,208
2000 23,120
2010 27,465
2014 27,992

City Operations

City Budget $199,116,925 
Fire Protection
Insurance Rating Class 3
Number of Stations 3
Professional Firefighters 40
Property Tax
City $2.27/$100
County $2.47/$100
Police Department
Sworn Officers 50
Community Facilities
Commercial Airport 5 miles
Cable TV Service Yes
Local Newspaper 2
Hospitals 1
Libraries 1
Telephone Service Bell South
Electrical Service City of Maryville
Water Service City of Maryville
Sewer Service City of Maryville
Zoning Yes
Parks 9


Maryville has three elementary schools, two intermediate schools, one junior high school, and one high school. Schools are known for their quality educational programs and the entire system has continued to be ranked among the top five in the State of Tennessee.

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