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Office: (865) 448-6886

Nestled at the entrance to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Townsend is the "Peaceful Side of the Smokies." Although tourism is the primary industry, the City of Townsend strives to maintain its unique serenity through careful planning and strong zoning ordinances.


1960 283
1970 267
1980 351
1990 329
2000 350
2010 448


TBA. Mayor, 865-448-2465
Michael Talley, Vice Mayor
Becky Headrick, Commissioner
Jackie Suttles, Commissioner
Rindi Martin, Commissioner
Kevin Condee, Police Chief, 865-448-6875
Danny Williamson, City Recorder

City Operations 

City Operations
Police Department
Sworn Officers 3
Civilian Employees 3
Fire Protection
Insurance Rating Class 9
Number of Stations 2
Volunteer Firefighters Yes
City Parks 1
Property Tax
City None
County $2.47/$100
Community Facilities
Commercial Airport 21 miles
Cable TV Service Comcast
Newspapers (local) 2
Hospitals 17 Miles
Libraries 1
Zoning Yes
Telephone Service Bell South
Electrical Service Sevier Co. Electric & City of Alcoa Utilities
Water Service Tuckaleechee Utility District
Sewer Service None


With the exception of Townsend Elementary School (grades 1-5), Townsend children attend Blount County Schools.

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