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Volunteers In Progress

The Volunteers In Progress (VIP) program is a partnership between the Blount County Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Board of Blount County. Our focus is all about Keeping Good Company. Simply put, this means Keeping Good Company with one another and keeping the successful companies that we already have and assisting in their expansions.

It means recruiting Good quality Companies on both a national and international level. And last, but certainly not least, it means showcasing Your Company by marketing your business to current and potential business clients – putting your company a level above the rest.

The VIP members make a vital commitment to the economic development efforts of our region through their additional investment in the Chamber. They help maintain and assist in the expansion efforts of companies already located in Blount County. VIP's help enable the Chamber and the Economic Development Board to recruit quality business and industry to our region.

Because of the special commitment of VIP members, we promise to Keep you in Good Company by showcasing and promoting your business to existing and new business and industry to our area. Exclusive meetings of the VIP members are planned throughout the year. Opportunities are available for members to network, both in a professional setting and through social activities. These meetings are prime opportunities to discuss issues that have a direct impact on the future of our region and the business community.

For more information on becoming a member of the VIP Program, contact Tammi Ford at (865) 983-2241 or e-mail:

Members of the Volunteers in Progress Program

Because of you - our special VIP Members - the Blount County Chamber of Commerce and Industrial Development Board continues to be a leader in economic development. 

Because of you - our special VIP Members - new jobs have been created, additional capital investments have been made and our region's tax base has been increased. 

Because of you - our special VIP Members - a better quality of life and standard of living for the citizens of our area has been created. 

Because of your commitment, we continue to Keep Good Company.




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