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Strategic Location

Not Just a Strategic Location

If you are looking to expand your US location or invest in the USA, look long and hard and talk to the experts. At Blount County, we have a proud record of success in helping companies from within our national borders and from around the world. We can help you make the right decision to locate in Blount County, Tennessee – between our head office facility and our Japanese and European offices, key members of staff at Blount County Economic Development office can assist, research, facilitate and deliver. All you have to do is talk to us, brief us on your project so that we can work out a profile of your company's needs and then get yourself on a plane – Blount County will do its best to help identify your ideal location and investment package.

Contact us to help you fully investigate the Blount County region.

With major road arteries such as I-75, I-40 and I-65 crossing Tennessee our businesses take advantage of one of the best road networks in USA to get supplies and product to and from the marketplace as efficiently and cost effectively as anywhere in USA today - an effective, efficient and economical supply chain and East Tennessee are synonymous!

East Tennessee reaches a significant part of the US population, making Transportation Costs Low.

Within a 24-hour drive time cycle - reach 76% of the major markets and 52% of the population.

Logistics is a key element to our whole way of life nowadays. Blount County, East Tennessee is superbly situated to help manufacturers and suppliers alike deliver their products speedily and cost effectively.

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