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Transportation Network

Transportation is playing an ever bigger role in our personal and business lives. Good communications means so many things nowadays with demands from education, road, rail and air links joining the telecommunications, internet and development of the world wide web. We all want good communication and Blount County has that in abundance.

Our businesses take advantage of one of the best road networks in USA to get supplies and product to and from the marketplace as efficiently and cost effectively as anywhere in USA today - an effective, efficient and economical supply chain and East Tennessee are synonymous.

  • Road 
  • Rail: CSXNorfolk Southern
  • River Transporation: Burkhart Enterprises
  • Air: Knoxville McGhee Tyson, situated in Blount County, is expanding and adding routes all the time aiming to meet the growing demands of both business and pleasure. We have all the facilities a modern / progressive airport needs from on site car hire, close parking. Here's a list of the airlines currently serving the area.
  • International Air Links: At this moment in time we do not have a direct link from Knoxville mcGhee Tyson to Europe or beyond (but the airport is working on it). What we do have is one of the most modern airports with all the facilities you would expect and McGhee Tyson is certainly one of the most security conscious airports anywhere in USA today (we are after all home to the Safe Skies / US Federal aviation initiative

We also have more than 100 flights a day linking our community with major hubs in:

  • Atlanta
  • Washington
  • Charlotte
  • Denver
  • Chicago
  • Newark
  • Toronto
  • Houston
  • Philadelphia

That means Europe, the Far East and the rest of the world are more often than not just another flight away.

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