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Pellissippi Place

Companies That Fit

Innovation Starts Here

A unique concept designed to further business and technology through collaboration, Pellissippi Place offers all the advantages of a business park and technology center, strategically located to take advantage of the area’s high-tech research and development resources.

These types of companies will find a natural home at Pellissippi Place:

Research & Development

Thanks to its strategic location and concentration of research facilities and high-tech firms, the East Tennessee region offers significant advantages in research and development for companies and their products. The area is well-positioned to attract many types of industries, including:

  • Instruments, sensors and detectors
  • Nuclear energy services
  • Bioenergy
  • Energy-related materials and applications, with a solar focus
  • Auto/vehicle production
  • Distribution and logistics, with a transportation focus
  • Aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul
  • Engineering services, with an energy and environmental focus

The typical Pellissippi Place company might look something like this:

  • Technology-oriented
  • 17 employees, on average
  • 60 percent of employees dedicated to product development or 40 percent of floor space dedicated to laboratory use.

Tech Commercialization

Pellissippi Place, with its prime location in the Oak Ridge Technology Corridor / Innovation Valley of Tennessee, is designed to foster collaboration that advances the commercialization of technology and biotechnology research.

Here you’ll find everything you need to take your product from the earliest research stages through design and testing, production, marketing, distribution, and continuing refinement and enhancement.

  • The resources available at ORNL and the University of Tennessee will give you access to the most sophisticated research facilities and personnel available anywhere today.
  • At Pellissippi Place you’ll refine the product and take it into the initial manufacturing phase.
  • You’ll have access to the commercialization assistance you need through local and regional economic development entities that will assist you in bringing your product to market.
  • Product enhancement and development will continue as your refine your idea further to meet ever-evolving market needs and technological development.

Energy Companies

Energy production and research is a strong industry sector in the east Tennessee region. These types of energy companies will find a profitable home here:

Solar materials and applications Bioenergy producers Nuclear energy services Aerospace Lightweight materials for the above Engineering services.

The Volunteer State Solar Initiative is a comprehensive solar-energy and economic-development program that will advance job creation, education, research, and renewable-power production in Tennessee.

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