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Pellissippi Place

Regional Resources

World-Class Research Facilities

Through its alliances with cutting-edge research organizations within the region, Pellissippi Place offers a myriad of R&D resources for companies. These resources include:

ORNL Benefits

  • A trained labor force in highly technological fields in energy, materials science, and other areas 
  • Numerous possibilities for the commercialization of research from ORNL labs 
  • Access to federal government and private financial sources through subcontracting opportunities.

University of Tennessee Benefits

  • UT partners with Battelle to manage the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. 
  • Through the Science Alliance, a center of excellence in partnership with ORNL, UT is a world leader in theoretical and applied collaborative research. 
  • A new $125 million bioenergy research center will search for ways to produce alternatives to gasoline. 
  • The National Transportation Research Center studies intelligent transportation systems, safety, vehicle technology, environmental impacts, and safety issues.

Y-12 National Security Complex Benefits

  • The Oak Ridge Center for Manufacturing and Material Science, located at the Y-12 plant, is a high-precision manufacturing assembly and inspection facility. It helps industries answer manufacturing questions and develop new products from the concept and design stages to building prototypes and configuring processes. 
  • As part of the National Nuclear Security Administration, Y-12 helps ensure a safe and reliable nuclear deterrent, retrieves and stores nuclear materials from around the globe, and disposes of surplus highly enriched uranium in a safe way. 
  • Y-12 programs support soldiers in combat and enhance space missions. The company also lends its specialized expertise to the Department of Homeland Security, other federal agencies, and private-sector firms by developing and deploying innovative security technologies with wide-ranging applications.
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